My First Time Flying Solo - Tips And Tricks

April 08, 2018
After finishing a hard six months of fast-track studying, in February I booked myself a little trip to Exeter to visit my friend, Claire. 
Rather than spend six hours on a train, I decided to fly via Flybe from Manchester Airport to Exeter Airport, a journey that takes around one hour. 
Previously, I have travelled by plane with my parents and friends, but never solo. 
And for this short journey, I would have to. 

When you're travelling by yourself, the responsibility is exclusive to you. 
And whilst it can be a nervewracking experience, here are a few tips and tricks that I used to have a smooth run. 


Double and triple check your dates and passenger information
Without someone by your side, it can be easy to rush through the booking process without checking the fine details.
Take your time and if need be pay £10 to lock in your airline fare for 24 hours.
Getting something wrong will have a knock-on effect on the rest of the journey, so it's important to confirm specifics.

Visit websites like SeatGuru to review seat information and choose your own seat
Most likely on a solo flight, you will be sitting next to a stranger. If this quakes your boots, it may be worth choosing your own seat for a small price.
When booking your flight, there will be information on the aircraft you're travelling in.
Websites like SeatGuru will display the aircraft and highlight 'excellent seats' where for example, leg room is spacious or 'bad seats' where you could be disturbed by passengers using nearby toilets or limited reclining seats.

Prepare for pre and post flight transfers
To take the stress out of an anxious situation, I would recommend purchasing transfers to and from the airport before the journey.
Whether this is by train or taxi, it is worth noting how long it takes to get to the airport and what time you will need to set off in order to arrive in the allotted check-in time.
Equally, after your flight, it is worth knowing how to get to your final destination, rather than relying on taxi ranks at the airport, who will charge high prices.

Check your  travel insurance policy
If you have always been listed on the family policy, it may be worth checking whether you are eligible for protection on a solo flight.

Download offline movies, TV shows and podcasts
Without anyone to talk to, a solo journey can be labourous, downloading media before your flight ensures that you will be occupied throughout. I would recommend Netflix original series that can be watched without Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Have you any tips? If so leave a comment or tweet me @lottgibbons.  

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